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Archaeology Watch

Website Brings Life to Egypt’s Monuments: Visitors Can Tour Monuments as they were Thousands of Years Ago.
Monday, March 1 (Issue 4)
by Raymon Kondos

CAIRO ( - Tourists can now see the Giza Pyramids as they were constructed several thousand years ago, walk into Tutankhamun's intact tomb as it was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter or see the Sphinx as it looked like 2000 years ago and have a look at the famous lighthouse of Alexandria before its destruction 14 centuries ago.

Eternal Egypt
Image capture of Eternal Egypt
shows the Sphinx as once was

The Egyptian government has launched on last Feb 24th an interactive website about Egypt with a virtual reconstruction of several monuments enabling viewers to see them as they once were.

The U.S. $2.5 million project is the fruit of cooperation between each of the Egyptian Antiquities Authority, IBM and Cultnat. (The Egyptian Center for the Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage)

The website, called Eternal Egypt, shows an amazing collection of 360 degree images, thousands of high-resolution images and panoramic views of current day Egypt broadcast from 5 locations throughout the country.

Eternal Egypt features a Connections function which permits visitors to explore the complex relationships between objects, places and personalities of Egypt’s past.

The website -which is available in English, French and Arabic- exploited IBM’s most innovative technologies to create an interactive multimedia experience of Egyptian cultural artifacts, places and history.
“The outcome represents the richest repository of information and media about Egyptian cultural history available on the web today,” said Ahmed Nazif Egyptian minister of Communications and Information Technology.

The project funded by IBM is the company’s third similar venture after Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg (Russia) and Michaelanglo’s Florence Pieta statue in Italy.

Eternal Egypt also offers guiding information, rich text and animations to PDAs and cellular phones which enable visitors to take thematic tours of the Egyptian museum or to explore it by room, artifact or picture.
Eternal Egypt is available at:

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