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List of Issues | Issue 4 (1 March 2004)    
   Topic of the Issue

Egypt … Glimpse over its Society, Language and Religion
Have you ever visited Egypt? What do you know about religion, language and society of that country? Are you among those who believe Egypt is a desert country in which people ride on camels to reach their destinations? ... Continue

Previous Topics:
Egyptian Matrimony: Man Got to Do it All (issue 2)
The Egyptian Identity: Pharoahs, Moslems, Arabs ... (issue 3)

Archaeology Watch
Website Brings Life to Egypt’s Monuments

Tourists can now see the Giza Pyramids as they were constructed several thousand years ago, walk into Tutankhamun's intact tomb as discovered by Howard ... Continue

Previous Archaeology Watches:
New Kalabsha Island Turns into an Open-Air Museum (issue 3)

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Prince Henrick of Denmark Visits Egypt
CAIRO ( - Prince Henrick, husband of Danish Queen Margrethe II, came to Egypt on unofficial visit during recent weeks. Prince Henrick toured several archeological sites at Giza and paid a visit to the famous Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh ...
Stupid Man Driving VW Beetle
A man driving a Volkswagen beetle killed 50 persons in one accident. While interrogated he was asked ...

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