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Jokes of the Issue
Stupid Man Driving VW Beetle

A man driving a Volkswagen beetle killed 50 persons in one accident. While interrogated he was asked:

- How come a small car like this kills 50 human beings?
- I was driving as usual when I suddenly found no brakes. What shall I do? I thought I must hit something to stop the car. To my right I found a man on the sidewalk. To my left I saw a wedding party. Do you think whom should I hit?
- Of course the man on the sidewalk.
- That is exactly what I did.
- So how come you killed 50?
- The man rushed to the wedding ceremony!

A drunk man asked his wife:
- I have a question: Does the light turn on automatically when I step into the bathroom?
- No!
- Oops! I did it in the refrigerator.

Man took his wife to the zoo, captured a picture of her standing at the monkey cage. He then put the picture in their photo album with the following comment beneath:
"My wife standing with 3 monkeys. P.S. My wife is third from left."

Patient to an eye doctor:
- It’s strange every time I drink a cup of tea … my eye irritates me.

Make sure you remove the spoon from the cup before you drink it.

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