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Proverb of the Issue

My Brother and I against My Cousin; My Cousin and I against the Stranger.
Egyptian proverb


The proverb strengths on family relationships and the priority of support among your loved-ones and inside a society. This is also applicable on relationships with strangers.
So blood relationships come first then religious ties then cultural relations … etc.

The proverb also classifies and defines the degree of loyalty one should show. It implies that on danger, one should forget conflicts with closer people to face the external danger

Example 1:
- I can see you have reconciled with your uncle. Is that because of the bankruptcy your company is facing.
- My brother and I against my cousin; my cousin and I against the stranger.
[It’s time to lineup, lay our internal problems behind our backs and stand up together against the same danger]

Example 2:
- Why did you vote for Ahmed as governor although you know he is incompetent?
- I had to do it. You know he comes from the very same village I grew up in.
- My brother and I against my cousin; my cousin and I against the stranger.
[Neighborhood has priority over any other considerations]

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