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Quotes of the Issue
"If two women whispered … be sure it’s a conspiracy against a third woman."
Anis Mansour, Alahram newspaper - Feb 20, 2004
"Our hearts love … our minds try to continue doing so."
Anis Mansour, Alahram newspaper - Feb 27, 2004

"You may lose stances … but beware of giving up your principles."
Fathi Al-Ashri, Alahram newspaper - Feb 25, 2004

"A courageous person is a free person."
Inas El-Deghedy, controversial directress, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper - Feb 29, 2004
"One should say yes to any opinion or idea that he thinks would lead people to blessing."
Ali Saheb, Rose El-Yussef magazine - Mar 3, 2004
. Mistakes of a man are several ... mistakes of a woman are only two
(issue 1)
. How can I be married to a woman that neglected ... (issue 2)
. If we want democracy, we have to throw ourselves in it ... (issue 3)

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