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List of Issues | Issue 5 (15 March 2004)    
   Topic of the Issue

Egyptian Traits - Part I: Inshallah (God Willing)
The impression that foreigners get when they start dealing with Egyptians is that they are so kind, hospitable and helpful. This is indeed a general fact, yet there are many details to elaborate on this, and to learn more about those wonderful people ... Continue

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The Egyptian Identity: Pharoahs, Moslems, Arabs ... (issue 3)
Egypt . Glimpse over its Society, Language and Religion (issue 4)

Archaeology Watch
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Ottoman Lady Claims Cairo Airport is Hers CAIRO ( - The Turkish court will decide in next June on a lawsuit by an 82-year-old Turkish women who call for a compensation of an equivalent of 1 quadrillion liras (about $US727m) for property claims in Egypt.
According to Turkish daily Zaman, Handan Kocaer Ozer claim her rights from the Ottoman Empire.
Get Me Back Home
A plane crashed in the deserts and only three survived the accident. They were about to die out of thirst when ...

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