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Get Me Back Home

A plane crashed in the deserts and only three survived the accident.

They were about to die out of thirst when one of them found Aladdin's lamp and start rubbing it.
The genie came out of the lamp and shouted:


Masters, there are only three wishes for you.

First man: Please take me back home.
(And his wish was fulfilled)
Second man: Me too take me back home.
(And his wish was fulfilled)
Third man: What! Are you leaving me alone? Get them back here.

An overrated girl returned home late.


What brought you late?

Daughter: Someone was following me. He kept on teasing me all the way.
Mother: That's not a good reason!
Daughter: He was slow.

What is common between men and weather?
You can't improve either of them.

What is common between men and TV commercials?
No sane woman should believe any.

What is the number a husband would remember when he goes to the beach with his wife?
How many bikinis were there.

Why does the grocer write the word salt on sugar bags?
So that ants won't recognize them

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