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Quotes of the Issue
"Don't be sad your roses have spikes be happy your spikes have roses."
Anis Mansour, Alahram newspaper - Mar 05, 2004
" Living as lion for one day better than living as a dog for thousand days."
Anis Mansour, Alahram newspaper - Mar 12, 2004

"Each of us was a history of choices "
Moustafa Mahmoud, Al-Shabab magazine - March , 2004

"Audience is the only thing that gives us hope "
Hanan Turk, Egyptian acrtress, Al-Nogum Weekly - Mar 13, 2004
"Official institutions deal with women's rights mostly in the context of women being competent wives and mothers."
Safaa Zaki Murad, feminist, Alahram Weekly- Mar 11-17, 2004
. Mistakes of a man are several ... mistakes of a woman are only two
(issue 1)
. How can I be married to a woman that neglected ... (issue 2)
. If we want democracy, we have to throw ourselves in it ... (issue 3)
  If two women whispered … be sure it’s a conspiracy against a third woman. (issue 4)

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