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Jokes of the Issue
Honey ... Tell Me the Truth

A man dying on his bed looked to his wife and his 4 sons 3 of his sons were handsome and tall, while the fourth was ugly and short. The man ordered his sons to leave and start talking to his wife.


Honey I must know the truth before I die please tell me and I promise to forgive you is the fourth boy really my son?

- I swear with God he is your son I swear believe me.
- Ah now I can die peacefully (then he passed away).

Thank God he didn't ask about the other 3.

Two drunk guys:


The West always come up with new things they launched rockets to the moon and now to Mars.

- Let's catch up with them Let's go to the sun.
- But it's too hot there.
- We'll go there at night.

If you want your wife to listen with interest to whatever you say, talk to her when she is asleep.

When you see a man opening the door of his car to his wife, you must know there is something new: either the wife or the car.

Where can you find a man who does not gaze at women?
In the graveyard

A stupid man was in a cab … the cab driver ran over an old man. Shocked by the accident, the cab’s driver asked the customer to check if the old man is already dead.
The man from outside the car:
- Move the car to the left few meters …. Few meters to the right … a little bit forward … now I am sure he is dead.

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