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Proverb of the Issue
Eat What Pleases You and Wear What Pleases Others
Egyptian proverb


The proverb is itself an advice for people to dress appropriately in what would suit the taste of the surrounding society because people care for how you look rather than what kind of food you like to eat.

The proverb is sometimes used to express defense for one's own choice in eating.

Example 1:

- What disgusting food are you eating?
- Eat what pleases you and wear what pleases others.
[None of your business food is a personal taste]

Example 2:
- What do you think of this dress? The idea just came to my mind.
- Are you kidding? That is too fancy for our event.

You are right. Eat what pleases you and wear what pleases others.
[You are right not a right choice for our society/the event and nobody's gonna like it]

Example 3:

- You must eat eggs at morning it's full of protein and energy.

Mom I said I don't like it. Eat what pleases you and wear what pleases others.
[Mom It's my right to choose which type of food that I like]

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