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List of Issues | Issue 7 (15 April 2004)    
   Topic of the Issue

Egyptian Traits - Part II: Greetings and Hospitality
Affection among same sexes is common in Egypt but not between different sexes, even between married couples, particularly in public. Affection could be shown among same sexes by exchange of kisses in cheeks and sometimes hugs ... Continue

Previous Topics:
Egyptian Traits - Part I: Inshallah (God Willing) (issue 5)
Om Kalsoum: Legendary Singer and Mother of the Egyptian Nation
(issue 6)

Archaeology Watch
Pharaoh's Glories Come to Basel and Dazzle the Swiss
The most important exhibition of ancient Egyptian artefacts to be seen in Europe for over 20 years has opened in Basel. “Tutankhamun – the Golden Beyond” ... Continue

Previous Archaeology Watches:
Pharaoh’s Sarcophagus Re-Assembled from 250 Fragments
(issue 6)

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Egypt Expects 7 Million Tourists in 2004
CAIRO ( - Egyptian tourism minister, Mamdouh Al-Beltagui said, on last 10 April, he expects about 7 million tourists to visit Egypt in 2004. The minister said a total of 656'000 tourists had visited Egypt in last March, an unprecedented figure in comparison ...
Loser ...
A freshman asked his friend to see the results of the final exam for him because he was traveling somewhere ...

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