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Quotes of the Issue
"Women prefer to be beautiful rather than intelligent: because men gaze and don't use their mind."
Anis Mansour, Alahram newspaper - Apr 9, 2004
"A mute husband and blind wife: the happiest couple in the world."
Anis Mansour, Alahram newspaper - Apr 9, 2004

"I am a man against wisdom, because wisdom is an outcome of experiences, and we have to get through those experiences at first."
Egyptian Movie Director Khairy Beshara, Akhbar El Nogum - Apr 10 , 2004

"You become matured . if you laughed at yourself."
Mohsen Mohamed, Akher Sa'aa - Apr 7, 2004
. Mistakes of a man are several ... mistakes of a woman are only two
(issue 1)
. How can I be married to a woman that neglected ... (issue 2)
. If we want democracy, we have to throw ourselves in it ... (issue 3)
. If two women whispered … be sure it’s a conspiracy against a third woman. (issue 4)
. Don't be sad your roses have spikes . be happy your spikes have roses. (issue 5)
. If you decided not to choose, then you have made a bad choice
(issue 6)

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