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Archaeology Watch
Two Mummies Revealed in Opening of Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagi
Saturday, May 15 (Issue 8)
by Raymon Kondos

CAIRO ( - TThe Egyptian authority has recently announced the discovery of two mummies that date back to Pharaonic and Ptolemaic times. The two mummies were housed in two wooden sarcophagi that were discovered by the French expedition of Louvre museum in last December at Saqqara some 25 kilometers (15 miles) south of the capital Cairo.

One of the sarcophagi discovered
One of the sarcophagi discovered

In last December tens of stone and wooden sarcophagi were discovered some 6 meters deep in ground shafts.

The opening process of the two sarcophagi was done in 5 hours. The first is an anthropoid wooden sarcophagus that dates back to the 26th Dynasty (7th century BC) for someone called Ahmose son of Pstmatik, a famous name at that period. The sarcophagus bears geometric inscriptions and the figure of Goddess Nut, goddess of sky in the middle of hierologic religious scripts. The enclosed mummy was found enclosed in linen wrappings.

The second sarcophagus dates back to the Ptolemaic era (4th century BC). That one is also anthropoid with marvelous inscriptions. The face of the sarcophagus is gold-lid and the chest is inscribed with the sitting figure of God Osisris facing the deceased man who is presenting him the incense.

According to Zahi Hawas, the head of the Egyptian antiquities, the mummy was in an excellent state of preservation and professionally enclosed in linen wrappings with a high degree of mummification illustrated.

Both mummies will be subjected to X-ray scan to detect age of the deceased and amulets wrapped within.

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