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List of Issues | Issue 8 (15 May 2004)    
   Topic of the Issue

The Egyptian Oriental Belly-Dance: Beauty Expressed in Movement
Vitality and sensuality, fun and light-heartedness are at the heart of the Egyptian oriental or bellydance (known in Arabic as Raqs Sharqi). Giggling young toddlers first begin the dance listening ... Continue

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Egyptian Traits - Part II: Greetings and Hospitality
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Archaeology Watch
Two Mummies Revealed in Opening of Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagi
The Egyptian authority has recently announced the discovery of two mummies that date back to Pharaonic and Ptolemaic times ... Continue

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Pharaoh's Glories Come to Basel and Dazzle the Swiss (issue 7)

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Egyptian Immigrants Seeking Greece End Up Back in Egypt
CAIRO ( - 44 Egyptians were recently arrested for attempting to illegally immigrate to Greece . The infiltrators have paid a fraudster to transport them to the Greek shore. After one week of sailing in the sea, the boat's captain returned them back to ...
Stupid Village!
A mayor of some stupid village was so upset with a hole in ground in which many villagers fall in ...

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