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Jokes of the Issue
Stupid Village!

A mayor of some stupid village was so upset with a hole in ground in which many villagers fall in. Seeking a solution, he decided to get the smartest three in the village to find a solution. So, they met to find a solution:

The first one:
I think we should make some tent here for medics. Once someone falls, they should immediately transfer him to the hospital.

The second man:
What a stupid idea we should bring an ambulance to remain here.

The third man:
Hahahaha you stupid let's fill up the hole and dig another beside the hospital.

Every man has got to marry someday:
Who said one should be happy forever.

The best man you should marry is an archeologist. Why?
Because the older you become, the more precious he will see you.

Why do you look so depressed?
My wife has decided not to talk to me for a month.
And you think that is something depressing?
But today is actually the last day of that month!

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