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List of Issues | Issue 9 (1 December 2004)    
   Topic of the Issue

Egyptian Traits - Part III: Sense of Family
Egyptians have a strong and deep sense of family. They yearn to cohesiveness and solidarity of a one big family. The pride of a family member is that of the whole family and his/her disgrace is also ... Continue

Previous Topics:
Egyptian Traits - Part II: Greetings and Hospitality (issue 7)
The Egyptian Oriental Belly-Dance: Beauty Expressed in Movement
(issue 8)

Archaeology Watch
619 Ancient Artifacts Retrieved by Egypt from United Kingdom
619 ancient artifacts have been recently restored back by the Egyptian authorities from Britain after their confiscation 4 years ago ... Continue

Previous Archaeology Watches:
Two Mummies Revealed in Opening of Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagi (issue 8)

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Swarms of Locusts Invade Egypt
CAIRO ( - Last month, swarms of pink locusts invaded Egypt and advanced to the capital Cairo in what was described as the largest insect swarming in 50 years ...
The swarms, which arrived from Libya in the west and proceeded east to Israel ...
How Old Are You?
A man was asked by his pals: How old are you?
He answered: 40 years old ...

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