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Swarms of Locusts Invade Egypt
Wednesday, December 1 (Issue 9)
by Raymon Kondos

CAIRO ( - Last month, swarms of pink locusts invaded Egypt and advanced to the capital Cairo in what was described as the largest insect swarming in 50 years.

The swarms, which arrived from Libya in the west and proceeded east to Israel, caused panic in the cosmopolitan city due to the fact that people didn’t know how harmful those insects are. Egyptians were surprised to see locusts in mass enter their homes or land on their cars.
Pink locusts invading Egypt
Pink locusts invading Egypt

Indeed the swarms damaged some corps before damages were eventually and successfully contained. But losses were aggravated by the fact the peak of the invasion took place during a 4-day religious holiday of Eid El-Fetr.

According to Agriculture Minister Ahmed Al-Leithi, one swarm was 70 kilometers (44 miles) in length loaded with several hundred million locusts. Egypt set an operation room to fight the invasion. The inflicted damage sparked the opposition to demand the resignation of the minister for what they cite as failure to combat the insects.

The incident was a reminder of the biblical story when a cloud of locusts covered the land and ate everything as a sign of God when Pharaoh refused Moses request to let Jews leave Egypt. The plague was the eight of a total ten plagues that hit Egypt as according to the story.

Locust swarms are known for its destructive effect on corps, as one insect can eat as twice as its body weight per day, which means a swarm of several hundred insects are likely to eat more than 50000 tons of corps.

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