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Proverb of the Issue
When It was Time the Sad Woman Be Happy, She Found No Place
Egyptian proverb
The proverb describes people that are very unlucky in their lives, people that are likely to strike bad luck even when they come across good and merry moments.

The proverb is also said to express successive failures or people that see no light at the end of the tunnel, and once they can see it, it fades away.

Example 1:
- I was happy that Jane got finally promoted and became her department manger. She has been working hard in that company for 10 years and was never appreciated.
- You didn’t hear the news; the decision was reversed, and someone else got the post.
- When it was time the sad woman be happy, she found no place
[She is so unlucky to the extent that when she finally stroke success, it did not last]

Example 2:
- You know, Roberto is playing again with his team after resolving the problems with his coach.

Yes, he was playing the match yesterday, but he suffered a serious injury.

- Really When it was time the sad woman be happy, she found no place.
[When he finally got over his problems, he stumbled in other problems]

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