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. Food Habits in Egyptian Key Events (issue 1)
. Egyptian Matrimony: Man Got to Do it All (issue 2)
. The Egyptian Identity: Pharoahs, Moslems, Arabs, Africans, Middle Easterners or Mediterranean People? (issue 3)
. Egypt Glimpse over its Society, Language and Religion (issue 4)
. Egyptian Traits - Part I: Inshallah (God Willing) (issue 5)
. Om Kalsoum: Legendary Singer and Mother of the Egyptian Nation (issue 6)
. Egyptian Traits - Part II: Greetings and Hospitality (issue 7)
. The Egyptian Oriental Belly-Dance: Beauty Expressed in Movement (issue 8)

Archaeology Watches:

. 4000-year-old tomb of Egyptian official unearthed at Saqqara
(issue 1)
. Thousands of antiquities retrieved from sunken city at the Mediterranean Sea (issue 2)
. New Kalabsha Island Turns into an Open-Air Museum (issue 3)
. Website Brings Life to Egypt’s Monuments (issue 4)
. Courtiers and Donkeys Buried to Escort Pharaonic Kings in Afterlife, New Discoveries Reveal (issue 5)
. Pharaoh’s Sarcophagus Re-Assembled from 250 Fragments (issue 6)
. Pharaoh's Glories Come to Basel and Dazzle the Swiss (issue 7)
. Two Mummies Revealed in Opening of Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagi (issue 8)

Recent Egypt News:

. UK's Blair and family spend New Year vacation in Egypt (issue 1)
. Bill Gates, world's richest man, visits Egypt (issue 2)
. Pharaonic Party Wants to Join Political Life in Egypt(issue 3)

Prince Henrick of Denmark Visits Egypt (issue 4)


Ottoman Lady Claims Cairo Airport is Hers (issue 5)


Egypt to Launch its First Reconnaissance Satellite (issue 6)


Egypt Expects 7 Million Tourists in 2004 (issue 7)


Egyptian Immigrants Seeking Greece End Up Back in Egypt (issue 8)


. A Woman with the Lamp of Aladdin (issue 1)
. The Brothers Who Bought Two Horses (issue 2)
. Egyptian Girls (issue 3)
. Stupid Man Driving VW Beetle (issue 4)
. Get Me Back Home (issue 5)
. Honey ... Tell Me the Truth (issue 6)
. Loser ... (issue 7)
. Stupid Village! (issue 8)


. Mistakes of a man are several ... mistakes of a woman are only two
(issue 1)
. How can I be married to a woman that neglected ... (issue 2)
. If we want democracy, we have to throw ourselves in it ... (issue 3)
. If two women whispered … be sure it’s a conspiracy against a third woman. (issue 4)
. Don't be sad your roses have spikes be happy your spikes have roses. (issue 5)
. If you decided not to choose, then you have made a bad choice
(issue 6)
. Women prefer to be beautiful rather than intelligent: because men gaze and don't use their mind (issue 7)
. Your key to happiness to not through resolving your problems (issue 8)


. Eyes Can See But Hands Can't Get (issue 1)
. Those Who Were Ashamed are Already Dead (issue 2)
. Turn the Pot on its Mouth, and the Girl will Resemble Her Mother
(issue 3)

My Brother and I against My Cousin; My Cousin and I against the Stranger (issue 4)

. Stretch Your Legs According to the Size of Your Quilt (issue 5)
. Eat What Pleases You and Wear What Pleases Others (issue 6)
. A Hungry Man Dreams of the Bread Market (issue 7)
. He Who Lives in a Glass House Shouldn't Throw Stones at Others (issue 8)


. Hurghada's Beer Car (issue 1)
. The Resting Camel (issue 2)
. Boys Fishing (issue 3)
. Buying bread (issue 4)
. Swimming Together (issue 5)
. Upper Egyptians (issue 6)
. Luxor Farms at Morning (issue 7)
. Suez Gulf and Entrance of Suez Canal (issue 8)


. Weapons of Mass Inspectors (issue 1)
. The Crying Sheep (issue 2)
. Busy Woman (issue 3)
. New Look (issue 4)
. Beat it! (issue 5)
. Teachers Then and Now! (issue 6)
. Flower (issue 7)
. What comes after 10? (issue 8)


. Which is the best Egyptian city from tourism perspective? (issue 1)
. If you visit Egypt, that would be to ... (issue 2)
. When you hear about Egypt, what kind of identity that jumps to your mind? (issue 3)
. Which of the following better describe Egyptians? (Issue 4)
. What do you think lacks the Egyptian tourism industry? (Issue 5)
. What aspects of Egypt you are unaware of, but would like to know in the future? (Issue 6)
. What about Egypt that you like best? (Issue 7)
. Which famous Egyptian figure that you recognize most? (Issue 8)

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